NIOD – The Complete Review

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Even though when The Ordinary had its surprise debut last year and caused a major commotion in the industry, NIOD have always been the original game changer in my books. I was already very familiar with DECIEM when NIOD arrived, having used Fountain since it first launched back in 2013, as well as Hand Chemistry (now The Chemistry Brand) and then HIF when that came along, so when Brandon Truaxe finally introduced his very first official skincare line I was more than ready to get on board. Continue reading

The Oskia Review: Renaissance Cleansing Gel, Eye Wonder Serum and Renaissance 360 Supreme Cream


My love affair with Oskia began over two years ago with the release of their now cult product – the Renaissance Cleansing Gel. Since then, I have tried and loved multiple products from the beautiful line and in this post I am finally going to do a review of the cleanser that started it all, as well as the Eye Wonder Serum and the soon to be released Renaissance 360 Supreme Cream.

One of the things I love most about Oskia is their commitment to scientifically driven, plant based nutritional skincare. The founder, Georgie Cleeve, understood the need for both nature and science and combined both to create a thoughtful range of products that nurture the skin and actually work. Oskia are focused on healthy skin and all of their products are packed with vitamins, minerals, omegas and bio-actives to help their customers achieve the healthiest skin from the inside and out. There are no extravagant, unrealistic claims with Oskia and they fully acknowledge and advocate that healthy skin must be cultivated from within, but they also understand that what we put on our skin can really make a difference and their products definitely do that. Continue reading

Birthday Skincare Wish List


A few weeks ago I shared on Instagram a post about the skincare products I wanted for my birthday. It was more for fun than an actual demand for presents but I still enjoyed the process of really thinking about which skincare items I would most like to receive and why. I am very particular about my skincare shopping and over the past couple of years have really toned down my “impulse purchases”. A lot of research goes into anything I decide to buy and I have either tried a sample and loved it or it’s a product from a brand I know and trust and I’m confident I will love. So, without further adieu, here’s what made the list. Continue reading