Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3


The last in my Holiday Gift Guide series is here and this one is tailored towards the Pure Product-ists skincare lovers out there who are uncompromisingly dedicated to only the highest quality plant based ingredients and will not use anything less than the very best that nature has to offer. Luckily, the green beauty community just gets better and better every year and there are so many great brands and options available now that there is no need to sacrifice performance or quality in order to only use “green” products. If this is you or someone you know then keep reading because I have compiled an amazing selection of the very best green beauty skincare sets out there that you will love. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 2


Following on from yesterday’s Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1, today I have picked some great gifts for the Nearly (All) Natural-ists skincare lover out. These beauty buffs prefer to have their products be mostly planted based, but don’t mind a few (very minimal and purposeful) synthetic ingredients in the name of the best formulations, and these sets are the perfect example of that. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1


So you’ve decided to give yourself or a loved one the gift of great skin this year (and who wouldn’t want that?!) but with practically every brand offering a variety of gift sets, limited edition products and holiday specials, it can be a bit overwhelming. When it comes to holiday shopping, skincare gift sets are what I look forward to the most. They’re cute (hello, minis!), include multiple products and are the perfect way to test a brand without spending a lot of money. I personally think they make the best gifts, which is why I have decided to do a gift guide series focusing on the best skincare sets out there for every beauty lovers preferences. First up – the “Strictly Science-ists”. These consumers love the high-tech, scientific approach to skincare and are looking for performance over purity so if that’s you or someone you know, then these are the perfect gifts. Continue reading