May Lindstrom Giveaway!


Welcome to the first giveaway in my blog anniversary/Instagram 15K/birthday month celebrations and I am so excited to start off with a brand that needs absolutely no introductions! May Lindstorm’s beautiful creations are easily among the most coveted products when it comes to skincare, which is why when deciding which brand to start the Giveaway Bonanza Month off with, this one immediately came to mind. I wanted to begin the celebrations by sincerely thanking you all for your continued support, friendship and encouragement and to also give you some insight in to why I love doing giveaways. For me, giveaways are not just a way to grow my follower count or promote a brand/business, they’re a way for me to say thank you. I have been very, very lucky to work with a lot of amazing brands and try so many great products this past year and it’s all down to you. While numbers are not a concern for me and are certainly not a motivating factor in anything I do, they are important because they’re a large part of why I have been given the opportunities I have. I think it would be massively ungrateful to accept the benefits having a large following affords me and then act like numbers don’t matter, which is why I love doing giveaways. They are a way to say thank you, give back, pay it forward and share the love with you all because I’m sincerely grateful. I’m not so arrogant or naive to think brands would still want to work with me if I didn’t have thousands of followers. You are what motivates them to reach out to me and I think it’s only fair that when I can, I pass on the love and say thank you, so without further ado, here are what’s up for grabs in this giveaway! Continue reading

Birthday Skincare Wish List


A few weeks ago I shared on Instagram a post about the skincare products I wanted for my birthday. It was more for fun than an actual demand for presents but I still enjoyed the process of really thinking about which skincare items I would most like to receive and why. I am very particular about my skincare shopping and over the past couple of years have really toned down my “impulse purchases”. A lot of research goes into anything I decide to buy and I have either tried a sample and loved it or it’s a product from a brand I know and trust and I’m confident I will love. So, without further adieu, here’s what made the list. Continue reading